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Chandler & Spencer

I'm a little speechless when I think about Chandler & Spencer's wedding day. They truly had the Hollywood dream wedding day they deserved.

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Chandler and Spencer are as fun as they are elegant with all the details and decor to match.

Fun with your girls! From getting ready to grand exit, every part of the day is a celebration!

With some final touches from mom Chandler is ready for her reveal! Spencer pulls off his classic black tie like he wears one every day 007 style.

I love a great first look, but the classics are hard to beat. It's all about what makes you most comfortable and happy. Just like these two, whenever you choose to see each other, it's destined to be unforgettable.

How about that first kiss and exit!? Can we make flower petal ceremony exits the norm? Whatever is thrown, special ceremony exits are beautiful thing. Oh and more bagpipes all the time! Let's make it happen! #weddingtrends2024

We love to give couples a moment during their portraits just to be with each other uninterrupted. Often these are some of our favorite photos from the day. We get into directing some creative fun soon enough, but you've just gotten married, and you probably won't be alone again until your exit. We love to give a little space and catch the magic.

Did I mention bagpipes before? Well, there was a bagpipe solo from Spencer's father! Is your dad that cool? haha We really enjoyed celebrating with Chandler & Spencer, and we can't wait to hear all about your love story!



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