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Breana & Conor

Bride and groom on the water at sunset at the venue at beach weekend in Fort Walton Beach Florida

Breana & Conor celebrated their wedding in downtown Fort Walton Beach at The Venue at Beach Weekend. As you can tell already from the first photo Breana & Conor have a lot of fun together, and there's a lot more where that came from! If you're looking for a fun wedding gallery we're just getting started!

Ok there are many ways to take a few fun photos with your girls before getting all "formal". Popping champagne has to be top of the list! Often enough the best pops hit me and my camera, and I definitely got a free drink on this one. It's ok though! Im champagne resistant and my cameras are too.

I always recommend a bridesmaid's reveal unless you'll have all your bridesmaids helping you into your dress. It's such a fun moment that everyone's been waiting for! These guys had a good time while Conor put the finishing touches on his vows.

What's a first look without a good "icing"? Like I said, good times all around! Sweet and fun at every opportunity, these two enjoy loving each other!

The Venue offers a sunny green lawn and views of the intercoastal sound to backdrop your ceremony. Breana & Conor's florals and earth tone colors mixed perfectly with the warm sunset.

We had a great time with these two with some playful prompts as well as just letting them enjoy the moment together. The glassy water and orange sky create an unreal backdrop that feel like a scene from a movie. At any moment the director could yell cut and all the fanciful lighting could fade away, but it isn't a fantasy after all. It's wedding day.

We had a great time the rest of the night celebrating Breana & Conor! How about those light up sneakers! It's a great idea to do something a little different for your reception, especially if it makes you more comfortable. It's a good way to show off a little extra personality and have fun. Change into a second dress and sneakers right away or wait until after your formal dances. Either way, you'll be happy you're out of those dress shoes!

Thanks Breana & Conor for the opportunity to capture your wedding day! And thank you for checking out this wedding with us. If you think we might be a good fit for your wedding we'd love to meet ya'll! God bless and talk to you soon!

- Bo


Video @cinemascrapbook

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